“In my first Reiki session with Christy, she was able to move a large blockage in my neck/shoulder. I had been working with this painful blockage through massage and various other types of body work for over 9 years. Christy is truly a warm and magnificent human being. When it comes to Reiki….I am a believer!” – Sydney

“What a wonderful option to have available to us on the North Coast! My Reiki treatment was relaxing, gentle, and put me right in my healing place. Christy is an intuitive and skillful healer, and the addition of the crystals adds power to her work! I encourage you to make an appointment.” – Glenna Gray

“I had an amazing session today with CosmicHealingNW. If you are in the PNW and looking for a skilled Reiki Practitioner, I can’t say enough good things about Christy.”- LaurenOlivia@PacificSpiritHealing

“When I woke up this morning and heard the birds singing, I realized I was healing. My body felt “quiet” and tears of gratitude filled my eyes. I had not awakened on this morning to the usual all-over body pain which blocked out all other sounds and external stimuli. Before the first Reiki appointment with Christy, I had given up. I didn’t consciously “give up” but I had no energy to “care.” Yes, it takes energy to have emotion…Many years ago I was diagnosed with Epstein Barr; several years later a diagnosis of lupus followed, along with asthma and other health issues. So often I would awaken in the morning to severe pain with no energy to face the day in front of me. I would think, “I wish the day were over so I could go to bed again.” All this before I had even gotten up. After the first session with Christy, I realized something was very different. I couldn’t put it into words but I was feeling my body (for the first time since I was a small child) During that initial session I experienced what can only be called an “awakening” … and with that came the most priceless gift of all – Hope! At that point, “hope” wasn’t even in my vocabulary. Several sessions later now, with Christy’s encouragement, advice, and caring I have changed my diet and am working on my thoughts and on my energy through meditation. My entire life is changing. While I have a long way to go to turn myself around, I wouldn’t have even started this beautiful, hopeful journey had I not met a skilled, loving, caring Reiki master… Christy. I don’t believe in accidents. Meeting her and experiencing her healing touch has reminded me that I, like everyone else, has a purpose and this is a loving Universe. This experience has reiterated this to me. I am going to continue this health journey (body, mind and spirit) so I can fulfill my purpose.  Christy is truly “otherworldly” with her knowledge, her touch, her kindness and her compassion. What a blessing to have met her (and that is an understatement like no other)! Thank you, Christy.” – Jackie Edwards

“When my chronic health problems evaded diagnosis by the doctors and just kept getting worse, I knew something was very off with my health. I felt extremely alone and left with few options. Luckily, that’s when I decided to give Reiki a chance. Very quickly, my weekly sessions with Christy gave me profound physical and energetic shifts that nothing else had. Just as valuable, I had the sense I was working toward something positive– at a time no one else had been able to give me direction or hope. My body drank up Christy’s healing touch and I began to feel better with less pain and much more stamina. I have wasted a lot of money on supplements, tests and dead-end doctor’s appointments over the years. My Reiki sessions with Christy always feel like money well spent– a true investment in myself. I’m still on my healing journey but I’m sure a lot closer to where I want to be since starting this process with Christy!” – S.F.

“Christy has a positive and clear energy. I always look forward to my next session” – Anonymous

“Simply Amazing! So Accurate!! I truly believe I’m now on the healthiest path. Christy is a completely professional, gentle, and so intuitive. I’m grateful to have her give me an Akashic Record Reading. Thank you!”- HRB