Soul Realignment Akashic Record Reading

Soul Realignment Akashic Record Readings $250

All of life is made of energy. The Akashic Records are the record of this energy in all forms. It includes every action or choice you have made on a soul level. Sometimes we don’t know why or how the same patterns keep showing up in our lives, we may feel stuck. By knowing and understanding how our past is affecting us in the present, we can begin to clear and heal from the unhealthy energetic choices we have made. With a reading from me, you will know who you are at soul level, what your gifts are, what you came here to do, and what blocks and restrictions are blocking you from truth. I also will clear these, and give you a better understanding of the changes that can be made to realign you to your Divine Self, helping you begin the using your gifts and move forward shining brightly.

Soul Realignment Akashic Record Reading $250