I am Christy Kay, an Energetic Healing Practitioner who lives on the North Oregon Coast. I am a Reiki Master-Teacher, as well as a Certified Crystal Healing Practitioner, Crystal Reiki Master, Certified Sound Healer, Certified Soul Realignment Practitioner, Certified Intuitive Reader and Channel, and Certified Chakradance Facilitator. I have been studying health and wellness most of my life, in an effort to overcome chronic illness and several autoimmune diagnoses. Through my Healing Journey I have become well versed in several healing modalities, and found the greatest relief through energetic healing. After a serious car accident 6 years ago, I found myself with a traumatic brain injury, a broken back, and PTSD. When traditional, alopathic medicine left me without hope and healing, I was able to heal with my Reiki, Crystal, and Sound Practice. Knowing my Akashic Record has helped me to understand my gifts of healing and begin to use them to help others.  Sometimes it is hard to become unstuck. Using an array of energetic practices, my mission is to facilitate healing on a deep energetic level for my clients who want more peace, health, and wellness in their lives. When energetic flow is brought back into balance, we are more able to move forward and step into our Divine Self. I truly believe that healing the whole person, in all realms, will create more happy, vibrant souls who will create a better, more peaceful world.

Abundant Health IS Possible! You CAN Live your Best Life!

I am a member in good standing at the International Association of Reiki Practitioners, and a Certified Intuitive Reader of the Lightworkers Lab
ReikiCertified Intuitive Reader Badge